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Self-service inquiry

     Click to enter:Self-service Inquiring System for Delayed Baggage

     Notice : This service apply toXiamen, Fuzhou, Hangzhou, and Changchun.      

Inquiry by Telephone

     To contact the Baggage Inquiry Centers of Xiamen Airlines, please refer to the Xiamen Airlines Contact Information of Baggage Inquiry Centers. 

Delay Property Questionnaire

   Should the delayed baggage fail to reach you 72 hours after you have reported the loss to Xiamen Airlines, please download and print theDelay Property Questionnaire, fill in the chart and send it via email or fax to the Baggage Inquiry Center that accepted your report of loss ASAP (contact the Baggage Inquiry Center for their email address or fax number). Since the questionnaire will further help you retrieve your delayed baggage, please describe the baggage contents as detailed as possible. If you have more than one delayed baggage, please fill in the detailed contents of each baggage respectively.

Thank you for your cooperation.Delay Property Questionnaire

Service hotline
Overseas service hotline
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