Corporate Culture and Philosophy


Fight for success, achieve world-class service by pursuing excellent performance.

Under the guidance of President Xi Jinping's thoughts on socialism with the Chinese characteristics for a new era, by shouldering the mission of strengthening the nation by developing the civil aviation sector, and by upholding the spirit of fighting for success, the company will continue to bring its passengers a travel experience with  unique Chinese characteristics beyond their expectations, to build up a global network reaching every corner of the world with its international horizon, and to rank among the world-class airline companies with superior performance.

Mission:Creating Loyal Customers,Creating Loyal Employees,Contribution to Society.

Creating Loyal Customers

We provide safe, on-time and convenient air services, and we pay great attention to service details. Our customers travelling with us will feel warm and comfortable in all aspects of their flight experience.

Creating Loyal Employees

We are committed to inspire our employees by our professional and innovative management team. Employee welfare has been cared for generously according to the excellent policy and benefits provided by the company. A talented, energetic young generation of employees has been attracted to join our workforce each year, infusing Xiamen Airlines with fresh ideas and up to date skills, to fulfill their career goals.

Mission:Creating Loyal Customers,Creating Loyal Employees,Contribution to Society.


Integrity is the foundation of our company. We shall be trustworthy in dealing with our customers, employees, shareholders and society. Our employees’ faithful trust is a direct result of our integrity.


Perseverance is the key to building a strong company. We always focus on our goals, and never yield to failures. To overcome difficulties, we shall have willpower, determination, dedication to our goals, and courage, to fulfill the mission of the company while realizing our ultimate corporate vision.


Harmony is essential to the stability of the company. We shall have the ability to see the big picture around us and have the proper attitude to build a spirit of cooperation. Adhering to the principals and goals of ensuring corporate profits and long-term business development, we shall meet our responsibilities with courage. By helping each other we can march forward in harmony.


Continuous progress is the force driving a company forward. We shall display an enterprise spirit and a practical, truth-oriented working style, strive to improve our management skills and pursue for continuous innovation.