Direct Baggage Access to All Destinations! Xiamen Airlines Realizes 'All-round Transit' in Xiamen


On March 31, 2024, Xiamen Airlines launched its "All-round Transit" program at Xiamen Airport and kicked off its "transit-transfer flight" service. By now, Xiamen Airlines has realized two-way "transit-transfer" between 34 domestic and 28 international/regional destinations in Xiamen, following the addition of 6 new international/regional destinations at the beginning of the month, including Taoyuan of Taipei, Songshan of Taipei, Kaohsiung, Doha, Paris, and Penang, as well as the addition of the following new transit destinations: Amsterdam, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Seoul, Hanoi, Yangon, Manila, Phnom Penh, Macao and Hong Kong, to further facilitate the travel of transfer passengers.


After the practice of the "all-round transit", all passengers transferring via Xiamen Airlines flights at Xiamen Airport can enjoy the convenient "baggage checked through" service, eliminating the need for baggage claim and other cumbersome operations. They only need to do the formalities at the airport of departure, so that they can transfer to the destination without any hassle, and finally pick up their checked baggage at the destination. 


Previously, passengers transferring from Amsterdam and other international destinations to Xiamen generally had more and larger checked bags, while passengers transferring from Singapore and other destinations to Xiamen had to face inconveniences such as excessive crowds and long queuing times. Besides, some of these passengers also had to pick up their luggage and re-check in with the elderly and children, which was exhausting. If the transfer time is long, passengers who want to visit Xiamen will have to worry about baggage disposal and other issues, and if the transfer time is short, they may miss the next flight easily due to the delay of the previous flight. After the "all-round transit" is implemented, transfer passengers do not need to rush with their suitcases at the airport, and some even have an opportunity to enjoy the good scenery of Xiamen, and travel more calmly.

After the implementation of the "all-round transit", combined with the policies such as the existing "24-hour direct transit without immigration inspection" and "144-hour visa-free transit", Xiamen Airlines passengers will have more time-saving and worry-free and better experience during their transfer in Xiamen.