New Regulations Come into Force! Xiamen Airlines Guarantees First Batch of 24-Hour Direct Transit Passengers at Xiamen Airport Free from Immigration Inspection

On the morning of January 11, 2024, the National Immigration Administration officially released five measures to facilitate the entry of foreigners into China, and Xiamen became one of the new batch of cities to implement the policy after Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou.


At around 16:00 on the same day, Xiamen Airlines MF872 Seoul-Xiamen flight landed, the first international inbound flight to Xiamen Gaoqi International Airport (Xiamen Airport) after the implementation of the new policy, and Xiamen Airlines became the first carrier to implement the new policy at Xiamen Airport. On the flight, 81 eligible international passengers were the first to experience the new policy. "It's so convenient to finish the formalities in 10 minutes, and I'll come to Xiamen for a transfer again!" Said a pair of mother and son who were about to transfer to Bali after a quick customs clearance.


After the implementation of the new policy, passengers on international or regional Xiamen Airlines flights transiting directly to a third country or region via Xiamen Airport on the same day can go directly to the boarding gate of their connecting international or regional flight and wait for the flight after going through the security check at the 24-hour direct transit area with a boarding pass for the next flight or an itinerary order printed at the airport of departure.


It is important to note that in addition to valid immigration documents, passengers must have a valid connecting international (regional) ticket that is operated by Xiamen Airlines for both the first half and second half journeys. At the same time, passengers must enter and leave Xiamen Airport on the same day and must not leave the airport in the middle of the journey. Passengers with next-day transfer, direct return tickets to the place of origin, international (regional) to domestic tickets, or checked baggage that needs to be picked up at the transfer airport cannot be exempted from the immigration inspection. Passengers who need to leave the airport for their own reasons are required to go to the immigration inspection area of the international arrivals hall at Xiamen Airport to apply for a temporary entry permit.


With the new policy in place, efficient and simplified procedures for international transfer will greatly reduce transfer time. Besides, Xiamen Airlines and Xiamen Airport are working together to improve the customs clearance process and services to enhance the transfer experience for passengers and help build Xiamen Airport into an international hub. Previously, to ensure the smooth implementation of this work, Xiamen Airlines actively cooperated with Xiamen Gaoqi Immigration Inspection Station, Xiamen Airport Customs and Xiamen Gaoqi Airport to sort out and improve work flows, renovate the "24-Hour Direct Transit Area", optimize the guideline signage, and complete the ground staff training and assessment as well as role-playing training. This has laid the foundation for the smooth promotion and implementation of the subsequent policy, and jointly created a safe and stable environment for customs clearance at the border.

Xiamen Airlines will propel transfer services such as connecting flights on a single ticket and luggage checked through, keep expanding the coverage of "connecting flights", improve the efficiency of international transfer passengers and baggage clearance, build ground transfer services with Xiamen Airlines characteristics, and continue to turn Xiamen into an international aviation hub and an international hub along the "Marine Silk Road".