Xiamen Airlines Will Resume Quanzhou-Bangkok Route

Xiamen Airlines will resume the Quanzhou-Bangkok, Thailand route from June 15, 2024, with flights scheduled every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. The flight departs at 09:40 from Jinjiang International Airport, Quanzhou and arrives in Suvarnabhumi Airport, Bangkok at 13:00; and returns at14:00 from Bangkok and arrives in Quanzhou at 17:20.

The resumption marks a resumption of direct passenger flights between Quanzhou and Bangkok after four years. China and Thailand have boasted their deep exchanges. Quanzhou has been a well-known hometown of overseas Chinese, and from the Southern Song Dynasty, Quanzhou merchant ships and passengers traveled to Siam for trade and settlement. Nowadays, China and Thailand have become important economic and trade partners. Lots of overseas Chinese from Quanzhou are engaged in stone, shoes and clothing, and financial industries in Thailand. In recent years, with the initiative and promotion of the governments in their hometown, more and more local elites and overseas Chinese have returned to Quanzhou to invest and set up factories. The resumption of this flight will help better carry out economic and trade cooperation and facilitate personnel exchanges between Quanzhou and Bangkok.

Furthermore, Thailand, as a tourist destination in Southeast Asia, attracts Chinese and foreign tourists every year with its rich cultural heritage, tropical scenery and food. The capital Bangkok has rich cultural and tourism resources, from the magnificent Grand Palace to the bustling Khao San Road, from the soothing Thai massage to the popular street snacks. The prosperous city on the banks of the Chao Phraya River blends with the tranquil countryside, making tourists of different ages and preferences linger on and forget to return. Tourists can also easily get to Pattaya, Chiang Mai, Phuket and other famous tourist destinations in Thailand from Bangkok. The resumption of flights to Bangkok provides more choices for summer travelers in Quanzhou. Since last year, we've taken the lead in resuming flights from Quanzhou to Manila and Davao, the Philippines, Hong Kong and Macao, China, and other international and regional routes, attracting more domestic and foreign tourists to visit Quanzhou, a city in the UNESCO World Heritage List. The culture of the Maritime Silk Road has become more and more popular with the wave outbound tourism.

Currently, the dual visa-free policy between China and foreign countries has driven the popularity of outbound tourism. With the gradual resumption of international routes in Quanzhou and the increasing popularity of urban cultural tourism, more and more domestic outbound tourists transit through Quanzhou and take half-day or one-day trips to Quanzhou by the way. It's reported that in order to facilitate and attract passengers to travel in Quanzhou, we've provided free transfer accommodation products for some passengers who meet the transfer requirements, which are applicable to our multiple international routes in Quanzhou. In the future, we'll continue to focus on the countries along the "Belt and Road", further strengthen the resumption and new opening of international and regional routes, and strive to expand the "Belt and Road" aviation circle of Quanzhou, an important starting point of the "Maritime Silk Road" and enable more friends to know Quanzhou, a city in the UNESCO World Heritage List.